What is Maya ? - মায়া

What is Maya ?

“Help at hand”, Zunaid Ahmed Palak MP, Honorable State Minister ICT, Bangladesh

Maya, the first of its kind in Bangladesh, is your personal digital wellbeing assistant.

Maya is an anonymous messaging platform that connects users with expert advice, available on web, wap and android. In simpler terms we digitally connect subject matter experts to user queries with our intelligent platform. The service is re-inventing the way people in developing countries access specialist advice.

How it works? – WHAT WE DO


Maya app is available for download on Google Play Store. User queries are routed to a vetted network of experts (doctors, lawyers, therapists, etc.) through a real-time, Uber-like backend ensuring accurate, credible, and timely responses. These queries are received via typed message or voice recording, along with the option of attaching images related to user queries. The algorithm, developed in house, ensures queries are matched with relevant experts (subject matter experts), who then send the user’s detailed factual responses. In special cases and where relevant, Maya’s experts will often refer users to local external specialists and organisations for further care, support and follow up. Users are able to rate the quality of the resolutions they have received, as an audit measure for experts on the network. This entire process is constantly upgraded and maintained as part of the seamless service and commitment to our users.


  An expert doctor, lawyer or therapist can often be out of reach due to financial, socio-cultural and geographic barriers. Particularly in countries like Bangladesh, there are many challenges to accessing reliable advice, Maya is breaking countless barriers. Some of the top testimonials by our users are:

“…services like Maya Apa are a light in the dark!” – COO Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg

“Maya adds value by providing an immediate option through an intuitive and secure messaging service”. “Its anonymous, encouraging openness and giving us a voice – without the fear of judgement”. “Available 24/7, Maya is the ultimate digital well-being assistant”. “Maya has opened my eyes, who would have thought I could go to a doctor/lawyer or psychiatrist without leaving my home?”

“I use Maya Apa to help my community get expert advice; we’re better informed now!”

– Sabina Akter, Rangamati


At Maya we have a vast network of experts covering a wide range of topics. Broadly our experts can provide accurate, credible and timely advice 24/7 on:

  • Medical, Health & Well-being
  • Legal
  • Psychological
  • Social
  • Lifestyle & Fitness

Available on Android, web and wap (internet.org/freebasics app by facebook).