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Maya FAQ

What is Maya?

Maya is the on-demand Question-Answer service innovated and created by MAYA.COM.BD through which users can anonymously ask questions and receive expert answers through email and also through Maya’s Android App.

Who is the founder of Maya?

The founder of Maya is Ivy Huq Russell. To read about Ivy click here.

Who are behind Maya?

Behind Maya is a dedicated team of experts answering your questions. Maya’s experts are Certified Doctors; Advocates and Psycho-social Counsellors who are skilled in handling your medical, social or legal concerns.

What is the Maya APP?

The Maya APP is a product of Maya answers your queries with fast reliable, and expert answers. The Maya APP allows voice questioning, creating individual profiles, and lots of other exciting features such as sending images.

How can I download Maya APP?

If you are using an Android mobile phone, visit Google PlayStore at this link to download the Maya APP and receive the best of our services!

How can I ask questions? To be able to ask questions and receive answers, you need to have an email ID and password. For easier recall, you can use the email ID and password that you use to login to your Facebook account.

To ask questions on the web, visit the website and type your question in the ‘Maya Ki Bole’ widget present on the top centre of your screen.

To ask questions on the APP, install the APP first from Google PlayStore through this link, and then register with your email and password.

What sort of questions can I ask?

Any type of medical, legal, psychosocial, and beauty or lifestyle question can be asked at and at the Maya APP and our experts will try their best to help you.

What types of questions are people asking? What are their concerns? Why do these questions matter in their lives?

We receive ALL kinds of questions, but right now, 80% is related to health  topics

  • basic/general health is the most common
  • Pregnancy – 13%
  • Menstruation – 12%
  • Sex Education – 10%
  • Contraception – 10%
  • Drug addiction
  • Legal matters incl abuse – 3-4%

When can I expect to get a reply?

For medical questions, from 9am till midnight, you can expect to receive a reply within the hour depending on the complexity and nature of your question. If you ask a question, from midnight till morning, you can expect to receive an answer in 6 hours. For legal and psychosocial questions, you can expect to receive an answer in 48 hours.

Is there a word limit for questions?

There is no word limit.

I can’t write, can I still ask a question?

Yes, you can record your question in your voice through the Maya APP. To download the APP and register, please follow this link.

Can I send an image with my question?

Yes, you can send image with your question through the Maya APP. To download the APP and register, please follow this link.

How will I get my answer?

If you are using the website only, you will receive your answer in your email account, and it will also be posted on the website. If you are using the Maya APP, you will receive notifications and you can read your answer easily on the APP.

I only know Bengali, is that problem?

That is not a problem. If you ask a question in Bengali, you will receive an answer from the specialists in Bengali. If you ask a question in English, you will receive an answer in English.

You can also type in Bangla as our widget supports Bengali font.

How can I sign up or register?

To register or sign up, visit the website here. You can also register first from the APP and use the same email ID and password to login at the website.

Can I sign up with my Facebook account?

Yes! You can sign up with your Facebook account.

Why can’t I login?

To be able to login successfully, you will have to register first. To register, follow this link.

How do I apply at Maya?To apply at MAYA.COM.BD, send a cover letter with a subject and your CV to

You can also apply from our website. Fill up this form and click submit. We will get back to you soon. Please  check the list of opened jobs and also read the instructions here before applying.

How do I partner with Maya?Maya is always looking for mutually beneficial partnerships and actively collaborates with various organizations. To establish a partnership with Maya, email at

Can I contact Maya by phone?

Maya does not provide service through phone. However, we can be easily reached through email ( and also through facebook. Please visit and like the Maya Facebook page to stay ahead with our latest updates, job postings and hiring, upcoming events, and Maya contests!