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Importance of morning walk

What is it like to go for a walk in the morning? 
For some of us, it is very refreshing!  For some, it means killing sleep. No one wants to get up early in the morning. But when it comes down to your health, then there is no compromise!  Though, when comparing good health and sleep, we tend to choose sleep above everything. But things should not be all about only one thing. Good health is a balance of food, sleep, fitness and rest. Did you know if you sleep 8 hours a day that is 56 hours a week, 224 hours a month, 2688 hours a year?  This means you are sleeping almost one-third of your life in a year. That is a lot of time, right? 
Do not get me wrong. I am not encouraging less sleep or an unhealthy lifestyle. But I am encouraging a healthy lifestyle that comes at a price. The price is waking up in the morning and pushing yourself to get out of bed. And then getting into your Nike shoes and telling yourself, “Just do it!!” 
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