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Ramadan Fitness Routine

We see a lot of changes during the holy month of Ramadan. It’s very crucial to exercise to be fit during these changes. Some of you may think about how you will even exercise without any energy? Also, it’s summertime, so how you will be fit during this Ramadan?
No worries, we have got your back! For this you have to know when to exercise:

  1. It’s not advisable to perform heavy exercises during fasting. For example weight, lifting and jogging is not a good option. Because when you perform heavy exercises while fasting, you will drain most of the water from your body. As a result, you will suffer from dehydration and this can lead to kidney diseases. That’s why try to do light exercises, for example, Yoga, walking and meditation.
  2. If you want to perform heavy exercises, then do it after iftar. After iftar, take some rest and go for it.

If you want to exercise regularly during the month of Ramadan, you have to focus on certain things and one of them is Food. Focus on these points during Ramadan:

  1. Try to avoid oily food/ junk food during iftar
  2. Between Iftar & suhoor, drink 3-5 liters of water
  3. Eggs and  carbohydrate helps gain energy quickly, so sometimes try to involve carbohydrate in your diet
  4. Tray to eat rice, chicken/fish and vegetables for dinner
  5. Don’t go to sleep without eating something at suhoor. If you don’t eat anything at suhoor then you will feel weak during the next day   

Follow these rules to remain healthy during the month of Ramadan. Stay with Maya, stay healthy!
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