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Mental Health during Ramadan

The month of Ramadan has just started! The weather is quite hot now. For many of us, we get tired easily, or exhaustion hits us after physical activity. So, to maintain a healthy living, we should take care of our physical health as well as mental health. We can avoid mental and physical exhaustion by following some rules-

  1. Plan first- Which work you want to do, how to do it and preparing it in the previous day will reduce stress.
  2. Attention to health – The body and mind are interconnected. If the body is good then the mind will be good. Some planned exercise session will help you to stay fit.
  3. You can do something that is good for the mind. It can be a small talk with a friend or walk a little bit.
  4. Do not complain about life! Think about what you have rather than what you don’t have. You can not be in peace if you think about negative things in life. Therefore, it can be done for peace of mind.
  5. You can keep a diary, where you write down your everyday thoughts and emotions. This will reveal your emotions, and you will feel light.
  6. Meditation is a good way to relax. Both your body and mind will remain calm. You will feel inclined to concentrate on what is happening in yourself.

Dealing with a difficult situation becomes much easier with proper preparation. So following these small rules, we can ensure good mental health during Ramadan.
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