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Herbal Neem Soap Review

Many products are sold in the market as herbal products. But it’s quite difficult to find out the right type of herbal products. Some good quality herbal products are available at the Aarong outlets. Most of the women who used the herbal products of Aarong, have not suffered from any kind of side effects.
A herbal soap known as the Neem soap is available at Aarong. It has 2 types- one is scented and another is unscented. Basically both the soaps have the same use but the unscented one is specifically suitable for sensitive skin. Here a description of the scented herbal Neem soap of Aarong is given.
Weight and price: 90 gram, price- 29.41 taka.
Description of the product: The soap is enriched with the natural properties of neem. Regular use of this soap helps you to get rid of bad odour of sweating, keeps your skin healthy and clean and free from any kind of skin disease.
Material: TFM means total fatty matter. TFM in soap usually refers to fatty acid content in the soap. They include- Oleic acid, Stearic acid and Palmitic acid. This soap has a TFM of 72% which means the softness or moisturizing ability of this soap is less than other regular soaps available in the market.
Use: You can use this soap as any other regular soap. If you use this soap to clean your face then you must use a moisturizing cream or lotion after washing your face.
Packaging and Texture: It is a green coloured soap.
Tips from our experts:

  • Basically this kind of herbal soap is not for daily bath or for cleaning your body. This soap can be helpful to get rid of many kind of skin diseases or to prevent excessive sweating.
  • Bad odour usually comes from underarm sweating.  Sweating and bad odour problem can be reduced by using this soap.
  • Those who have freckles can use this soap once daily to clean their skin. Black spots of freckles can sometimes be reduced by using this soap.
  • It can also be useful for extremely sensitive skin.
  • Less bubbles are produced by this soap. So in order to clean very oily or dirty skin you need to wash your face with a cleanser first and then wash your face with this soap.

Rating: 4/5
Expert Recommendation: Everyday we are using a lot of products. In order to take good care of the skin herbal neem soap should be used by everyone.

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