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Dealing With Cancer After Being Diagnosed

‘CANCER’, a word that leaves everyone scared, horrified. It is believed that Cancer is one of the leading causes of fear in most of the people. And for this reason, it’s extremely hard for one to accept the Truth after being a diagnosed cancer patient.
At the very moment, one even becomes unable to understand the words coming from his doctor. It takes time to recover from this Mental Shock. There are some inseparable things regarding Cancer that even shook the very Core of the Human Heart but thus thing is inevitable. Certainly to embrace this Truth about the Reality, a little time is a must needed.
Being diagnosed as a cancer patient affects each one separately, so it’s hard to explain to bind it with any of the rules. So there are no hard, specific rules to explain how one may feel or how one may come in terms with these negative emotions.
Such Expressions:
Fear for Future
Mental Pressure
When you are confirmed of having Cancer after the required tests are done, you are going to give your opinion about the various treatments regarding Cancer. In Brief, it’s that time when you have to come to a complicated decision for you sake. You can talk to your doctors, friends and family members; if it gets too much confusing for you to handle. They will obviously help you to take the Right decision for your treatment with the right information. Moreover they will also help you to get you along with the changed situations of yours after being diagnosed as a Cancer patient.
At first it may appear to you that if you share your problems with your family members, friends and relatives; they will get sad and worried but the Truth is they deeply care for you, want to help you. Sometimes your close ones cannot approach to you as they do not know how to respond at that time. Besides, it’s the best for you to share everything with them because you may want someone to sit beside you, to listen to you, to sit with you and share your sadness.
For some, they feel way better with some closed ones to be with while visiting the doctors. Though your family members will need some support for themselves also. Think how you will approach and talk to your family.
The very first time, when you come to know about being a cancer patient lots of unanswered questions will pop through your mind: How will it affect my family? How will I cope with the treatment? Losing a part of my body- How will I deal with it? Am I dying?
The details about Cancer are a bit unknown. So, it’s natural for someone to think that they lost control over their lives. Trying to answer the questions arising in self will help ones to achieve control over his life once more. So, whenever the questions arise, take them note down and try asking the doctors. Try sharing your thoughts with Maya Voice if you want to ask any questions, then again you can ask our Medical Specialist Maya Apa also.
Taking care of yourself will help you to fight back all the psychological turmoil you might have. Here are some which may help:
Taking a nap & relax.
Doing some light exercise.
A balanced diet
Sound Sleep at night.
Quit Drinking.
If you feel sick any time and/or if you notice any side effects of the treatment, then it may be tough for you to follow all those above things.
Being positive is the much easier way to help you in this state. Focus your attention to all those positive things you know and understand about. Avoid any other negative things that might even not true at all. Share and discuss all your confusions with your doctors, relatives and family members. Most of the time, their assurance is very much helpful.
Whenever possible, cheer up and give yourself courage and be proud to do so. The time being when you feel better, enjoy it fully with your family and friends. Try making new friends, add variety in life and grasp onto your life more.

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