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Things you should avoid while making food for your children

Children should not eat more salt because eating too much salt is not good for their kidneys. Always try not to mix extra salt in your child’s food. When you cook for your family and if you want to feed your child the same food then please try to avoid to give vegetable broth to them cause it contains more salt.
Your child does not need extra sugar or sweets. Please avoid sugary foods and drinks, it will help to prevent cavities. To add sweetness you can use crushed banana, breast milk or pasteurized milk if you need to.
Sometimes bacteria in honey creates poisoning in your child’s gut which causes serious health problem later (eg Infant Botulism). So, it’s better not to let your children eat honey until they turn one year old. Honey is one kind of sugar, avoiding it can prevent the cavities too.
All types of nuts including Chinese almonds should not be given to children until they are five years old. If anyone in your family is allergic to nuts or nut mixed foods, then you should be careful before giving them these types of food.
Low fat foods
Fat is an important source of calories and vitamins for children and young people. Milk, yogurt and cheese are better for the children who are under two years old than low fat foods.
Saturated fat
Foods which are saturated or contain higher amount of “Bad” fat like chips, burger, cake and other junk foods should not be given to the children.
Mercury rich marine fishes
Don’t give your children those marine fishes which have mercury like Shark, Sword Fish, Marilyn etc. If you’re traveling abroad, please check the menu and labels before feeding your children. Mercury in these fishes can affect a child’s growing nervous system.
Children who are aged more than six months can eat eggs. But you have to make sure that both parts of the egg white and yolk is perfectly cooked.
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