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Teach your child how to stay safe

Children under the age of three do not understand how to survive in dangerous situations or can not remember the prohibitions, so they always need an adult with them.
After 3 years old children start to learn how to do any work carefully but sometimes they may  forget it, especially if they become excited or their attention is interrupted. After teaching them everything, they will be able to show you some of them but they may not understand it or will not be able to do it properly.
Children learn by seeing others. If you and your family do dangerous or risky works, then children will take it as a normal thing. If your child is feeling embarrassed or is asked to do anything dangerous or ridiculous, then tell him not to do that. Try to encourage him so that he can tell you everything if something like this happens to him.
You can teach the following things to small babies so that they can stay safe-

  • Teach your child his full name as soon as possible.
  • If your child is old enough to remember, then teach him your home address.
  • If your child is old enough to feel the danger, then teach him the important numbers where he can ask for help. Especially if your child has diabetes or epilepsy or he is blind, then he may need help.
  • If your child gets lost in market or anywhere else, tell him to stay right where he is and ask a woman with child for help. This is safer than forbidding them to talk to the strangers, otherwise they may walk around alone and go to anywhere further away if they don’t talk to anyone.

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Image Source: nhs.uk
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