Why Sitting for a Longer Time is Harmful for You?

We all know we should be more active, but in a recent study it shown that we need to reduce our sitting time too. In this research it has been found that, though doing exercise for a long time but still being seated for a long time is harmful for health. Excess sitting habit is related to increased body weight and obesity, type 2 diabetes, couple of type of cancer and death in early age. Being seated for a longer time is also believed to relate with reduced metabolism, which in turns reduces the power of maintaining sugar level, blood pressure and power of melting fat in our body. Many of us spends 7 hours a day by being seated or lying and it increase to 10 or more then that hours with advancing age. Within this watching TV, using computer, reading, working home, travelling with bus, car or train etc. are included, but it doesn’t counted for sleeping.
Experts believe that there are some factors related to sitting and lying down for a longer time, which are harmful to health. According to one study, those who seat or ley down for a longer time are affected by diabetes, cardiovascular events and death due to cardiovascular events are more at risk.
When it will be called prolong seated:
We should do exercise keep ourselves away from health risk, per week minimum 150 minutes. We should reduce the time of being prolong seated and lying down. There is no any detailed calculation to calculate how many hours a person should be seated. The risk depends on some factors such as increased weight and it varies from person to person. It is believed that, prolonged sitting reduces metabolism that interact with our ability to control sugar level, blood pressure and ability to regulate fat and weakens our muscle and bones.
Age based advice :
These advices are applicable for every person of all age group and should consider advises about age based exercise plan chronologically.
Less than 5 years of age:
Those who are under 5 our advice will be, they should not spend more time in watching TV, travelling by bus or train. Its already proving that being seated for a prolong time in early age is one of the cause of being fatty, obese and barrier in the development of general knowledge.
Children and young:
In research it has been seen that, those who have more than one TV or computer in hole they spend more of time by sitting down. Roaming here and there in home, class room ar in own area can be included to reduce time of being sated in the children of 5 to 18 years. Advise to reduce the time of being seated:

  • Watching TV with family or a fixed time to use computer
  • Get rid of TV and computer from bedroom
  • To make children more active, should introduce “No screen time”
  • Encourage children to do household job like to decorate the table or take the trash beg out of home.
  • Choose gifts for the children that will be related with his/her physical activity like skating shoes, cricket bat, bicycle or kite etc.
  • Parents can set an example to their children by reducing the sitting time

What should adults do?
From 19 to 64 year old people should try to decrease their time of being seated in their home or office or at the time of travel. Advise to reduce sitting time:   

  • Keep standing in bus or train
  • Use staircase
  • Mane a plan to stand up from sitting in every 30 minutes
  • Do you work in standing instead of sitting
  • Keep your laptop on a box so that you can work by standing.
  • Take a time off for walking at the time of coffee or tea break
  • Go to your colleagues table by walking instead if calling or emailing him
  • Do some laborious work or anything that is your hobby instead of watching TV

For old aged people:
Some aged (aged 65 or more) spend 10 hours or more in a day by sitting or lying down, that’s why they are the group of people of most prolonged seated.  It can be due to reduced working power or any disease but in our society it became a rule where we expect the old people will be slow and always be in rest. But that is not good for health. It should be reduced in older people. Advise to reduce sitting time:

  • Stay away from sitting for longer time in front of TV
  • Stand up and walk at the time of commercial advertisement
  • Walk while taking on phone
  • Try to use stair as much as possible
  • Some hobbies where physical activity involved like gardening or try to do something by your self
  • Try to do some group work like walking or dancing in a group.
  • Play with your grandson or granddaughter  
  • Do household jobs.  


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