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Keep Off Weight

Congratulation if you have achieved goal to reduce weight.  But remember; don’t get back to your previous habit after this hard labor. The effect of a hard dieting is not long lasting; many of them get back to previous diet habit and physical activity after losing weight. If you see again you are gaining weight, then it’s the right time to take action.
How to hold on your reduced weight
The main key to get your expected weight and to hold that weight is to bring a long term change in your food habit and lifestyle, that you can keep on for life long. Following advice will help you to get rid of excess weight:
Eat low calorie diet regularly. Its has been seen in some people that low fat and high protein diet helped them to lose weight. It may be due to diet rich in high protein which fill your stomach quickly, so that you do not feel urge to get some snacks in between you meals.
Planning in advance:
Keep the habit of healthy eating by changing in your routine of dining out or change in the holiday. There will be less chance of failure, if you do the advance planning.  
Take your breakfast:
In a study it has been proved that if you take your breakfast regularly, it will help you to reduce weight. If you do your breakfast, you will not be very hungry quickly, so you will not take any snacks before lunch.
Be active:
Determine your intensity of workout. If you already started walking regularly, then try to walk for a long time or start jogging.  
Record your weight:
Check your weight regularly, so that you can observe any small change in your weight.
Make the whole thing interesting: Variations are spice of life, if you think you are going back to your previous weight, then make a little change. Buy some healthy cookery book, get admitted in a cooking course or start a new exercise. Make a goal by yourself. That will encourage you to keep going your healthy diet and exercise.
What should I eat?
To maintain healthy weight a men need 2500 calories and a women need 200 calories daily. If you eat fewer calories than this and already got your desired healthy weight, then maybe you need to consider more calorie intake. Increase a little bit of calories or you will be fat again and remember to be a hard worker.
Need to lose more weight?
If you need to lose more weight than you has to get control over your calorie intake and physical activity level. Safe level of reduction in weight is 0.5 to 1kg per week. So, set time to achieve your goal.
Alternative healthy diets:
First of all you can choose a healthy food instead of high-calorie snacks. For an example: you can take a glass of lime juice or a piece of fresh fruit instead of sweet meals. Over all, eat less carb diet while taking meal and be proactive will not let your weight to increase.
In case of exercise, find out more ways to be active. It is indicated that, adults of 19 to 64 years will do mid intensity aerobic exercise for at least 150 minutes per week, like cycling and walking fast. If you already started to do exercise then you should increase the intensity of exercise gradually. For details you can have a look in hand-out for adult exercise.
Being physically active is an important part of healthy lifestyle. The persons who do regular exercise suffer less from risk of various diseases like: heart disease, Type-2 diabetes, some cancers and risk of stroke. For some it’s a great thing if walking lively is a part of your job.
Stick on the changes:
After deciding what changes you have to bring in your life style, take time to make them part of your life. In some cases, your weight loss will be stopped and will be in same steady manner. But you have to keep in mind, if you want to maintain new and healthy weight; you have to stick with those changes you did to get this weight. Change by step by step will give you highest possibility to achieve healthy weight for a long term.
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