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Asthma: Treatment and Prevention

The main aim of asthma treatment is to control it and make sure it remains always under control. In most cases asthma responses well to treatment and child may able to lead a symptom free life.
Sometimes parents get anxious about the side effects of drugs. But in case of asthma, it is more important to prevent attack than thinking of the side effects. Mothers often hesitate to nebulize children in afraid of side effects, but the truth is if asthma is not in control, it hampers more.  Physical growth and mental development of children will be hampered. If asthma is not in control, children may become obese. They may become mentally retarded, physically stunted, even heart problems may lead to death.
Treatment of asthma
Uses of drugs differs according to the symptom of asthma. Initially some physicians wait and observe the patient before prescribing any drug. When they prescribe, inhaler is usually the first drug of choice.
‘Inhaler’ is the first drug to treat asthma. It is two types-short acting and long acting. For instant relief from breathlessness regularly used drugs are-Salbutamol, Salmeterol and Formoterol. These kinds of inhalers are usually blue in color.
To prevent the attack of asthma Steroid (Corticosteroid) inhaler is used. Fluticasone, Budesonbide steroids are available as inhalers. Steroid is compulsory to treat asthma. Long acting drug and preventive steroid are now available in the same inhaler.
Another drug, Montilucast is also used as a prevention. It reduces the risk of attack by reducing the inflammation of respiratory tract.
Theofilin causes respiratory tract relaxation and makes the breathing easy.
Oral steroid, in the form of tablet or syrup can also be used in case of severe asthma.
Children above 5 years who can use inhaler can also use a spacer for more comfort. Those who can not use inhaler they need nebulization.
Prevention of asthma
The only way to prevent asthma is to avoid the things that provokes the disease.
Things that causes allergy

  • Dust mites- these are usually found in carpets, bed, pillows, bed sheet, clothes, toys or any other things that are covered by clothes.

How to get rid of them
There are some special type of plastic cover which can make carpets, pillows, bed sheets free from dust mites.

  1. Bed sheets, pillow covers, blanket covers should be washed with boiled water having temperature more than 130 degree Fahrenheit.
  2. Room humidity should be less than 60%. Ideal humidity is 30-50%. It is possible in air conditioned room.
  3. It is better not to use carpets in bedrooms.
  4. Children’s toys need to wash once in a week.


  • Animal fur-furred animal should be kept outside the house, at least out of bedroom and inside a closed door. Pet animals need to keep away from carpets and clothes covered stuffs.
  • Cockroach-asthma can be triggered by cockroach.

In that case what is needed to be done-
-Food should be covered
-insect killer should be used carefully because it can also trigger asthma.
Damaged area of house with fungus
         -any water leakage need to be repaired and cleaned.
Flower and fungus pollen
       -keep close the windows, specially in day time
       -some patients are affected by any specific time period or season; during that time they should take medicines according to doctor’s prescription.
    Cigarette smoke– smokers need to give up cigarettes and make sure no one smokes in house
     Any kind of smokes, spray should be avoided
     Any other thing that can trigger asthma, like dry fruit, shrimp should be avoided
     Ear, nose and head need to be covered properly during winter.
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