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Taking Care of Your Child During Rainy Season

Long awaited rainy season is here! Be it episodes of rain or raining cats and dogs – it’s often present with its different form. But if you have a child, you have to be really careful. It is the time of waterborne diseases.
Everyone seems to like water, but children need special care during this time for their health security. Though it is difficult, but there is no alternate of keeping your children from water. Instead of worrying about germs, dirt and sickness; proper steps should be taken to ensure child well being. 
What problems can arise?
Rainy season means lots of water everywhere. Water clogging is one of the commonest scenarios of this time. And these stagnant water harbors mosquitoes, worms and insects. Diseases like Dengue and Malaria may spread from here. Moreover, Cholera and Dysentery are commonest during this time which spreads by unsafe drinking water. Typhoid is also one of the mention able diseases in our sub-continent which is also a water borne disease. It spreads by polluted water and rotten food. Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease. It may appear with cold, cough and fever in this season.
How to protect your child?
Taking care of children in any season is a tough job. And if it’s rainy season; it becomes tougher. It’s like the diseases are waiting as a trap for children. Those children who always play with stagnant water and mud are more at risk. But as parents, following some tips can prevent those unwanted diseases.

  • Warm water acts like magic. It can prevent almost many of the water borne diseases. Maximum germs are destroyed by heat. There are people who boil water for 20 minutes, but to kill germs it takes less than that.
  • If you don’t want to boil water, there are some ‘purifying tablets’ available to use as an alternate.
  • Avoid foods which are not homemade as much as you can. Children shouldn’t have foods bought from outside. Try to prepare homemade foods even if it’s hard. May be a reason is, the water which are being used to prepare foods outside may not be purified properly; and as we are not assured of the cleanliness or tidiness of those foods – it’s better to avoid them in this particular time.
  • Typhoid is a disease which attacks everyone irrespective of their age. This season can be recognized as a ‘Typhoid season’ also. As discussed earlier, outside food may harbor typhoid germs; so try hard to keep away yourself along with your child from these types of foods. But if you cannot really avoid it, try to ensure that your child is served with warm foods only. As heat destroys many germs, so there is no alternate to warm food. If you want to warm up your food, do it on 140°F temperature.

Be Careful about mosquitos:

  • If you want to protect your child from dengue and malaria, it’s a must to keep them away from mosquitos. Try to clean the water regularly dripping from air coolers. Otherwise, it can be a proper environment for dengue and malaria mosquitos.
  • If you live in a mosquito abundant place, mosquito repellent creams and sprays can be used regularly. But using mosquito nets are really an effective method. It prevents mosquitoes while providing enough ventilation. Closing the doors and windows in evening time will prevent mosquitoes from coming inside home.
  • Using gumboots for child is another effective way of prevention from rain water contamination. It will secure the child by restricting the contact from dirty water. At the same time children will enjoy too. Rain coat and umbrella is must have during this time. Ensuring their use can prevent leptospirosis and other skin infection.

Stop biting nails:
If your child has nail biting habits, let it stop for this season. We know that, nails aren’t cut regularly. So dirt goes easily into child’s stomach and different diseases appear. Nail biting is one of the reasons for stomach upset.
Eat Lots of Soups and Liquid:
In rainy season, due to rain the weather becomes cold along with cold wind. Some people are unable to adopt with the sudden temperature change; and children are the most vulnerable group. Cough is common for many people. We cannot control weather. But we have enough fluids like soups.  
Following these tips will prevent some unwanted diseases in children. And you will also feel relieved and peaceful.
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