Autism - মায়া


Autism Spectrum Disorder ( ASD), is the sum of several diseases which affects the normal social behavior and the natural ability to communicate and conduct.  Asperger syndrome and childhood autism is also included in this. ASD,  Autism Spectrum condition and the person affected by this is also known as Neuro-diverse ( normalmpetson is known as neuro-typical).
Symptoms of autism can be seen from childhood,  but in some cases the impact can not be understood until a major change comes in life ( such as admitting in new school).
The is no cure for ASD, however taking appropriate measures such as education and behavior support can be beneficial to the people affected.
Symptoms of ASD: 
Symptoms of ASD can be divided into two categories:
– Due to the problem in normal social behavior and verbal and non verbal communication,  the affected person doesn’t understand the emotion of other people,  may be too late to learn speaking and face problem in building normal social relations.
– Doing the same work and stay to the same thought over and over again, like twisting hand or clapping,  and if destruction is included in this they get furious or upset.
Most of the time an ASD affected person may also have mental problems like ADHD, anxiety or depression. More than half of ASD person has some level of learning disabilities ( unable to learn something). But with adequate support,  majority of the affected people are able to live a normal and independent life.
However,  the children who have more symptoms of ASD and the level of learning disability is high, they need additional care and support to lead a normal life.
Autism Diagnosis: 
Within 2 to 3 years of the child’s birth,  the symptoms of autism cam be seen. However in many cases the symptoms can not be understood until they are little bigger.
Contact with your doctor if you see symptoms of ASD, or if you are worried about your child’s development.  If needed the doctor will advise you to consult with a specialist.  You may also speak in your child’s nursery or school about your concern.
Sometimes adults are also diagnosed with ASD. Your doctor might give some tests to find out whether you have ASD, and if necessary he might suggest you to take the help of an specialist.
Why ASD occurs?  
Autism is a mental disorder.  It is not known exactly what causes it, but it is thought that it might be due to complex genetic reasons or circumstances. In some cases, due to other complication it may arise.
In the past, it was thought that ASD occurs due to MMR vaccine ( mumps, rubella and pox vaccine). But many studies have proven that there is no relationship between MMR and ASD.
Autism in Adults: 
The symptoms of ASD is seen in many people in their childhood but still they did not do any treatment.  They grew up with it. However,  adequate care and support for affected individuals can have a normal live independently.
Many organisation are there in order to help and support who are needed. These organisation helps the affected ASD individual to find a work  of their choice or help them find suitable employment and also help the, in many other ways.

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