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Autism- Diagnosis

In most cases, children of age between two to three years, the symptoms of ASD can be understood. But if the level of autism is less, than understanding the symptoms will be delayed.
Diagnosis of ASD in children:
Consult a doctor if you are worried about your child’s development.  If needed, the doctor might suggest you to take the help of an specialist. The specialist can either be :
– Psychologist: A psychology degree holder is a person who has been working in health sector and has a higher degree and training in psychology.
– Psychiatrist : Psychiatry is a doctor who has a degree in psychiatrist and well trained.
– Pediatrician (Child’s specialist) : A specialist doctor about illness among children.
– Speech and Language therapist : Specialized doctor in diagnosis and treatment in speech and communication problem among children.
Assessment ( Diagnosis): 
The is no specific test for recognizing ASD. The diagnosis can be done depending on the symptoms of your child. The diagnosis will be done according specialist skills and the information you provide regarding your child (for example,  a child’s school or nursery record). To recognize ASD, special assessment may or may not be required.  However if needed, the following steps are required to be tracked :
– Information regarding your child’s health, behavior and development can be asked from the doctor, school or nursery teacher.
– A special health examination will be done to understand whether the symptoms is due to any physical complexity.  And in some cases of children,  a blood test will be done to check whether there is other genetic complexity like ASD.
However in cases of some children,
– You may be asked to come several times for few question and answer,  where detailed history of your family and child’s development will be asked.
– Your child can also be asked to come to monitor his/her behavior,  what he/she thinks and how s/he talks. It is called Focus Observation.
At the end of this process it can be confirmed whether your child is likely to have ASD. But if result is negative and later the symptoms of ASD is seen again later, then re diagnosis will be done.
After Diagnosis:
Some parents become very worried after diagnosis of ASD and some parents can understand their child’s unusual behavior and pay full attention in recovering them.
ASD diagnosis will help you to understand your child’s personality and will contribute in your child’s growth  and development opportunities.  This is how with this care and service you can move forward your child’s normal way of living.
ASD Diagnosis among Adults:
There are people who have ASD and grew up without having proper knowledge about it. Some people do not want to diagnose because they think other might underestimate them. As a result of diagnosis,  the affected individuals and their families will have the chance to learn about ASD and can proceed to normal life with proper help and co-operation.
So if you feel that you have ASD, contact your doctor and discuss your symptoms with him. If needed he will send you to psychiatrist or clinical psychology.
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