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Autism- Treatment

Till now there is no cure for Autism.  However,  specialized education and behavioral support may benefit affected ASD children.  
There are many types of intervention for ASD. It is difficult to say which will be most effective for your child because the treatment depends on the needs of people affected by ASD.
Intervention should be important aspects for a child’s development.  For example:
– Communication ability: such as the ability to start a conversation by own self.
– Social communication ability: such as to understand other’s feelings and behave accordingly.
– Intellectual capability: such as being able to play creatively.
– Educational capability: to know things that are needed for academic study, such as how read, write and do math.
Sometimes for the treatment of ASD  Pediatrician,  Psychologists, Psychiatrist,  Therapist and other specialized expertise work altogether.
Some important part for ASD treatment are :
Education and training for parents- 
ASD affected children faces verbal and non verbal communication problem. In this case your child will be dependent on you and his or her nature and behavior will improve. The below suggestions will be helpful for this :
– When talking to your child, always call him/her by their name so that they know that you are talking to them.
– Keep in mind that there is not much noise from the surroundings.
– Talk simply.
– Speak clearly and slowly.  If needed pause after each word.
– Gesture in a such way that it is easy to understand while speaking.
– Give enough time to your child to understand what you are talking.
Apart from these with an help of an expertise,  the efficiency of your child development will increase.  Such as:
Speech and language therapy: speech and language therapy is one sort of training for improving your child’s linguistic skills. It helps them to mix well with others socially. The therapist tries to improve the skill with stories, toys and pictures.
Psychological therapy: psychological treatment is said to be done if your child has other mental problem like anxiety or problem in behavior along with ASD. Psychological treatment therapist like Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) discuss with the child about their feelings,  thoughts, well behavior and all its impact is to stay well being.
When treatment like CBT is asked to do, usually the specialist uses more pictures and bring some changes like speaking easily to cope up with ASD treatment.
Although there is no medicine for ASD, but there are medicine for the other problems that happens due to ASD. Such as:
– Sleeping problem: usually medicine like Melatonin are given for this.
-Frustration: for this Selective Seragotonin Reuptake Inhabitors (SSRI) is given.
-Epilepsy: for this treatment medicine to prevent seizures  is given.
-Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) : Mythylfenidate is given.
-Aggressive or challenging behavior like causing harm to own self or screaming loudly: usually medicine like anti psychotic is given if condition is too bad or psychological treatment is no longer working.
Each of these drugs have serious side effects. Refrain from using them without a doctor’s advice.
Things not to do: 
There are lot of conventional treatment for ASD which has no basis but they are harmful for patient. Such as :
-Special diet: such as not giving food made of flour or milk.
– Neuro-feedback: here electrode is placed on patient’s head and it is shown in the computer screen that how their brain works and how changes can be done is taught.
– Auditory Integration Training: one sort of therapy where words of different level and frequency are read out.
– Chillaton Therapy: Taking out metal from the body using medicine or any other means.
– Hyperbolic Oxygen Therapy: Patient is given oxygen inside a high pressure room.
– Facilitated communication: here the therapist or someone else help the affected ASD person using the computer keyboard,  mouse or any other machine.

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