9 Medical Reasons for Weight Gain

Presently obesity has emerged as a critical issue worldwide including Bangladesh. The weight loss due to daily activity is steep, comparing to the calories consume every day due to eating and drinking. In some instances, there are other inherent reasons of putting on weight. Even there are cases, where such a person who is not eating properly, gained weight rapidly for some illness. Such causes which may lead to weight gain are listed below:
Low Active Thyroid
Thyroid gland; from which the Thyroid Hormone has produced acts as a major chemical conductor, if insufficiently produced it’s called Low Active Thyroid or Hypothyroidism. Despite problems due to Low, Active Thyroid exists in both pre-mature male and female, but the symptoms in older women are acute. Deficiency of Thyroid Hormone can cause internal chemical reaction  or metabolism to become stale, which results in weight gain. Regular intake of Levothyroxine, a hormone replacement pill generally the treatment of such cases.
Diabetes Treatment
Weight gain is the most common side effect seen for taking insulin, to control diabetes. Insulin helps to regulate blood sugar or glucose level. People with a chronic case of diabetes who take insulin “match” with their prescribed meal are not also outside its purview. People affected by the chronic case of diabetes ingests excessive food to ensure that blood sugar or glucose level don’t fall below its need – which is called Hypoglycemia or simply “Hypo”. To resist Hypo, overindulging in snacks intake, leads to unrestrained calorie consumption which is also a cause of gaining weight.
Old age
Inactivity is one of the major cause for significant muscle loss in old age or elderly people. Muscle is a major component in burning calories, thus a loss in muscles, cause in underwhelming calorie burn. Presently, If the food intake is same as before but the number of activities are not increased accordingly, can also result in weight gain. Hence, to keep muscle loss at a minimal regular activity is essential, and also physical exercise is must reinforce muscle.
Steroid Treatment
Steroid which is also known as corticosteroids is widely used to cure various physical illness, including asthma and arthritis. Long term intake of corticosteroid tablet causes in the alleviation of appetite, which leads to weight gain. Higher the steroid’s dose and the longer it is consumed, the chances of weight gain increases upon that. Because steroids not only intensify appetite but also affects the part of the brain where appetite and satisfaction are processed. While steroid treatment, awareness of the amount of food consumption can generally help to avert overeating. Halting steroid treatment or minimizing it isn’t a good thinking. If you are worried about weight gain, then consult a doctor regarding weight control.
Cushing’s Syndrome
Cushing’s syndrome is very rare, often 1 out of 50,000 people gets affected by this syndrome. Excessive presence of cortisol named hormone level causes this syndrome. It can also occur due to side effects of long term steroid treatment (Iatrogenic Cushing’s Syndrome) or, due to side effects of a tumor (Endogenous Cushing’s Syndrome). Weight gain is a usual or general symptom, especially the chest, face and stomach area gains weight. The reason for this problem is cortisol redistributing fat in those parts. Treatment is provided depending on the cause, like a decrease in steroid intake, avoiding steroids or even removal of the tumor.
Stressed or Anxiety and Bad Temper
Reaction process for stress, anxiety, and depression are unique to each individual. Some may lose weight, others may gain weight. The majority takes overeating as a way of processing depression. This overeating becomes a vicious cycle. Because of depression, weight gain saddens the heart more, which leads to more weight gaining. If eating feels like a reward for the happy mind, one needs to change their habit from eating by diverting to a more fruitful activity like physical exercise. Besides that, conversations with friends or shower for relaxation of the body can also work as a remedy.
Studies have revealed that, those who sleeps less than 7 hours are more prone to weight gain than those who sleeps 9 hours or more. The facts are still inconclusive, but the accepted theory is that insomniac people have a low level of leptin and high level of ghrelin named chemical substances. Leptin satisfies appetite and ghrelin double it. If exhaustion felt consistent, then to meet the daily requirements, consumption of high-calorie foods is compulsory and if the possibility of inactivity is high, then calorie burn in the body will be meager. So daily make the habit of sleeping for the right time.
Accumulation of Water in the Body
Different parts of the body swell due to water clogging, which also leads to weight gain. The accumulation of water in the body causes the increase in weight. Water blocking before periods or for a long-time standing is not unusual. One of an essential part of the body like ankle, or other parts can also accumulate water. If symptoms like ankle swells during the daytime, nightly sleep disruption due to frequent excretion and using a low plane pillow to prevent repetitive breathing is observed, then should consult a doctor. Because heart disease or kidney problems is an example of water accumulation and should be tested.
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a common problem which affects the ovarian activity. Most of the cases of PCOS affected women in Bangladesh are limited to irregular menstrual and significant weight gain. Other symptoms are infertility, excessive hair, and weight gain. The specific causes behind PCOS are unknown, but it is suspected that it is related to the hormone, especially high level of insulin and testosterone. PCOS affected women generally gains weight in the waist part. With the increase in weight, insulin production accelerates which leads to more weight gain. Change in food habit and workout can really benefit in reducing weight and in some cases, it also contributes to breaking the cycle of taking medicines like orlistat.
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