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Hidden Causes Behind Weight Gain

When one consume food more than the daily physical need, individual than gain weight due to excess calorie.  But not only daily lifestyle causes weight  gain. To reduce weight one has to consume food less in calorie and physical exercise should be added in the daily routine.
Its not that simple as it seems. Because around 60% of adult are obese or their weight is more than normal  BMI. We consume food more in calorie than our body need and we do a little physical exercise. Some causes of weight gain are discussed below:
Now -a-days  in supermarkets  some food are labeled as “low-fat” food. Some cases this food contains more sugar. Foods containing more sugar are richer in calorie which cause weight gain.
So what can we do?
Read the label carefully and count the total amount of fat and calorie. A food can contain less fat but can be rich in calorie besides. A food labeled “low-fat” can be richer in calorie than other kind of food in same amount comparatively.  Example: A “low-fat” cake can have more calories than a bun of same size. So find out the healthy food for you.
When we become stressed food containing sugar attracts us most and thus helps to gain weight.
So what should we do?
Snacks made from fruits or vegetable and foods containing fewer calories such as: popcorn, crackers, rice pitha are all one can eat. Besides food you can apply other method to release stress.  Physical exercise can bring on mental peace. Because it releases endorphin hormone which helps to fight against stress.
Addicted to television can easily hamper your daily life and most of us take food with excess calorie with is less needed for our body. Foods with excessive calorie are like: chips and chocolate
So what can we do?
If you are concern about your weight than do adequate physical works.  Try to walk to workplace, school and during shopping. Reduce your addiction to TV. Don’t forget that the time you are spending on watching TV, you can spend them doing exercise, such as: cycling.
Some of the medicine have side effects which  increases your weight. Most common is steroid( can be taken for  many reasons: arthritis, asthma, eczema) , anti-psychotic drugs , insulin etc.
What can I do?
Do not stop the medication you are taking without the advice of doctor. If you are worried about your weight, talk to doctor. At the same time ensure eating healthy food.
Some statistics say, waking up late night can cause weight gain. There is important relation between sleeplessness and gaining weight.
What can I do?
Simple solution: sleep well. If you sleep well at night you will feel fresh in the morning. Now a days we thought sleeping long time is waste of time. But for being healthy both physically and mentally  you need to sleep well. If you have sleeping problem then take proper advice.
In a standard condition, your family members and friends will encourage you to loss weight. Hence they are seem to forcing to have food with high calorie.
What can I do?
Learn to say ‘NO’ or ‘THANK YOU’ and carry on the habit. Try to eat less. Soon your family members and friends will respect your decision.
In last few decades, the size of slices of foods have increased in size in restaurant and super market. Example: in a statistics of Cancer Research Fund,  from 1980 till now the size of burgers has become double. The point is, when we are given big slice we eat more.
What can I do?
To get rid of this problem you have to stop eating when you feel full. Try to eat slowly, then you will eat less at the same time comparing to other. At home take your portion by yourself and think before taking second time, if you really need more. If you have finished eating , don’t over eat. At home by cooking fresh and healthy food you can decrease the portion and can save your expenses.
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