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Top Tips for a New Mum

Your baby will grow and change incredibly quickly. Try to go with the flow as she moves from one phase to another and don’t force a routine on either of you.
Ask for help when you need it. People will offer to help so try to work out sort of task is best for each person who offers. One may just want to cuddle your baby for an hour while another loves to cook and clean and someone else would enjoy tidying your garden.
is wonderfully convenient and time saving. Don’t be put off by botched first attempts.
Turn your phone off and return calls when it’s convenient for you.
Sleep when your baby sleeps. Easier said than done, but it is valuable advice. Getting enough rest to be able to function is your top priority. You can always pop your baby in a front pack or sling while you take care of chores.
If possible, for those first months at least, hire help/dai nurse to do the cleaning and laundry for the babe even if it is for once a week; if not, prioritise housekeeping needs and delegate tasks to other family members.
Consider getting a regular masseuse or rather referred as malish ali in our country to give you regular massage
Try to do some exercise. Join a yoga class for new moms, walk everywhere with your baby in her pram or join a gym with child care.
Join a mum’s group for invaluable support from people who are going through exactly the same thing you are.
Be prepared for the occasional melt-down. Even the best behaved babies will have their moments. Don’t take it as a sign of your failure.
Think positive about the tremendous pluses in being able to free yourself for the nine to five routine.
Do nothing sometimes and don’t feel guilty about it. Simply enjoy being with your baby. You deserve some “me” time.
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