Let the Housework Slide - মায়া

Let the Housework Slide

While a routine is good, don’t try to force a routine on your baby and don’t even attempt to live your life as it was before she arrived.
If you get upset by an untidy, disorganised house it will be harder for you to accept the fact that with a baby in the house, cleaning now has to come pretty low down on your list of priorities.
Your main priority is to keep your baby fed, clean and happy. After you can consider the needs of you and your partner. If you can only be happy living in an organised home with a proper cooked meal on the table every evening, you will have to reach some kind of compromise with your partner.
Even before baby arrives it is probably best to talk to your partner about what you both expect, or want, each other to do, and then always be open with each other about problems as they arise. Try to keep your expectations reasonable.

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