Try to Enjoy the Changes - মায়া

Try to Enjoy the Changes

It’s important to remember that life with a baby will be continually changing because your child develops and changes so very much in the first twelve months of life.
This may mean that just when you have got used to the fact that she has two naps a day she will suddenly need only one nap and that may be at an inconvenient time.
And just when you have rescheduled your life around that new pattern your baby suddenly decides to go almost a full day without a nap at all, but continually falls asleep at in the early evening so she won’t sleep at all when you put her down for the night.
Try to remember this awkward phase won’t last long. It’s easier to change your meal times and evening routine than try to make her fit in with you. Try to feel less frustrated and to enjoy her to the maximum.

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