World Mental health day 2021


In the past year, since March 2020 around 14,436 people in Bangladesh committed suicide. Shockingly, this number is 70% more than the people who died due to COVID during this time period. What exactly is happening? Why is everyone so anxious and worried? Why is life making no sense at all? These are just a few of the many questions that you ask yourself, as you continue to read this article.

Over the past few years, especially ever since the pandemic, things have been tough. People have lost loved ones, jobs, financial stability and a lot more. Life has just taken a sudden turn and it has been hard adjusting to it. Even till yet, it’s not over and things have been hard to deal with on both mental and physical levels. This has a huge impact on people psychologically and many more people have been suffering from mental health issues currently. Overall, the whole outlook of the world is depressing, and it has been very hard to find a string of optimism to hold on to. This makes us realize the importance of good mental health and inner peace because their absence makes life look worthless and people dive in a pit of darkness.

Even though the awareness regarding mental health has increased over the recent years but still in countries like Bangladesh, it’s a taboo or a topic people shy away from discussing. Majority still believes that mental health is a myth and there’s a lot of stigma attached with it. It’s hard to explain to people that taking care of your mental health is as important as physical health and mental diseases are to be treated the same way you would treat physical ailments. Depression isn’t just made up, anxiety isn’t just in your head, suicidal thoughts aren’t for weakness and losing interest in life doesn’t mean you are meaningless. These are all signs of mental illness that need to be treated through proper professional help.

How to get professional help? That’s one of the thousands of health related questions, Maya has the answer to. Maya has helped resolve around 2,32,000 questions ever since it began its operations in 2011. In 2021, Maya answered around 87,000 mental health related queries and supported around 46500 unique mental health users. As discussed above, mental health problems have increased over the past one year and therefore Maya experienced a growth of approximately 47.2% in the number of mental health related questions received. Following that, it expanded its operations to serve 37% more users regarding mental health issues in 2021. The answer lies in the statistics, download the Maya app now and get connected to us. Trust us enough to help you through difficult times because sometimes support is all you need to gather enough strength. Maya has experienced professional therapists and counsellors to listen to your concerns and help you resolve your external and internal conflicts.

Self-awareness, depression, relationship issues, insomnia and difficult marital life are few of the many mental health problems on the rise these days. Maya is here to help you through it all. Just believe that you will make it through and leave the rest to us. Life is complicated and things get tangled up in unresolved mess sometimes but remember, there’s always a way out. There’s always a ray of sunshine, which is sometimes clouded by your narrow perspectives due to the struggles and mental stress involved. Things will work out, just hold on and make the right decisions. The most important one being, seeking professional help if you are unable to deal with your mental health on your own!

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