“But you don’t understand, I really love you. Please, don’t leave me alone.”


“You cared when it was too late. You never acknowledged my emotions. It’s over.” 

– Omar

If you can relate to the above conversation in any way, this blog is for you. Relationships, of any kind (not necessarily romantic), are delicate to handle and the bonds can shatter on the slightest of misunderstandings.

“Misunderstandings”, this has led to almost all of us losing a bond with someone important to us. It’s important to realize that communication is important, regardless of how mad you are at the other person. If they are important to you, please give them at least one chance to explain themselves. Things are not always what they appear to be. A conversation can change a lot, it can make a huge difference in how things turn out to be. So, Maya’s first advice is to have “that” conversation, no matter how hurt you are because it might be the case that you are seeing things from the wrong perspective.

However, it is important to understand that communication alone is of no use, comprehension is the key. Because if you can communicate all you want but if the other person doesn’t comprehend, it wouldn’t bring about any change in the situation. Understanding and acknowledging the feelings of the other person is equally important. So here comes Maya’s second advice, next time you are having a conversation, try to understand where the other person is coming from and allow him/her to express their emotions.

Trust? This word has a different meaning for every person. For some it is a person they trust with all their heart and for some it arouses pain as someone shattered their trust, breaking them into pieces. Trust has the power to break or mend hearts and if someone confides in you, please use that power to strengthen your bond, not break it. Do remember that when you open up in front of someone, you are enabling them to look through parts of your soul that are covered. Maya presents the third advice, please choose people who are worth it and don’t be so quick to lower your guard. 

Moreover, the element of respect is very important in any relationship. And the word “respect” not only includes verbal respect but also understanding and respecting boundaries, be it physical or otherwise. Mutual respect and understanding definitely plays an important role in defining the strength of the relationship. Maya’s fourth advice is to identify the personal space of the other person and don’t try to cross it. Likewise, don’t let anyone invade your privacy either.

 Often, the word “toxicity” springs up while talking about relationships and it encompasses a broad perspective. To be precise, any attempt to harm your mental health intentionally or repeatedly, disrespect, and bring up your insecurities to hurt you classify as toxicity. And it’s crucial that you realize these red flags and get rid of the negative energy as soon as possible. If you are unable to comprehend the situation alone, talk to someone you are comfortable around or get in touch with a therapist. Maya extends its services to help you through with the help of our licensed therapists and counselors.

You must be surprised that the word “love” wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the entire blog, while that is the most essential and highlighted element of any bond. That’s where you are mistaken. A strong beautiful bond is built up of comprehension, understanding, trust, respect and positive energy. Moreover, unconditional acceptance of the other person for who they are, positive regard and empathic attitude add strength to the bond. Once you develop these and understand their dynamics, love automatically enters the heart and doesn’t leave because you love the person for who they are.

Lastly, you must have realized that in recent times, it has become even more important to hold onto people you love, because life is becoming more and more unpredictable with the pandemic we are surrounded by. Therefore, if you are facing troubles in relationships don’t end them, instead mend them, unless it’s turning out to be really toxic of course. Maya is here to support you through thick and thin, download our app and get in touch with our therapists and counselors to discuss the dynamics of your relationships in detail.

“I am sorry, I didn’t understand you when you needed it the most. I promise to be a better person from today onward. I love you honestly I love you loads.”

– Maryam

“I am sorry too; it wasn’t entirely your mistake. I lashed out of frustration and didn’t realize that I didn’t try explaining my stance either. I love you too. Please never leave me alone.”

– Omar

Well, they resolved their differences and are together again. You should too, because life is too short for grudges and misunderstandings. Download the Maya app and connect to a therapist Now.

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