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A Blessed Ramadan – With Maya

Since the onset of Covid-19 Pandemic life has changed drastically. What would your tagline be for the post pandemic world? Ours will surely be “the new normal.” With many norms now becoming exceptions, daily life has taken a 360-degree toll. One of the most critical changes we had to get used to was that to avoid hospitals. Historically hospitals are your safe haven in times of distress and disease, but thanks to coronavirus, hospitals and clinics these days have become Petri dishes for the virus. Yes, times have surely changed but humans are still the same. We still get sick. We still need medical assistance, but now an additional pressure is to prevent contact and avoid hospitals.

What if we tell you that you can still get all the medical assistance you need from the comfort and safety of your house? In these trying times, the Maya App is your knight in shining armor. With more than 200 medical doctors at your beck and call, Maya allows you to get appointments and video call doctors of your choice. Not just that, you can also post your queries anonymously, and have our medical experts answer them without any privacy concerns. The benefits don’t just stop here. Trying to lose weight or stay? Maya allows you to use our BMI Calculator. Ever forgotten your period dates? Trust me, we’ve all been there. Maya presents its Period Tracker. Want to read about the new health trends? Access our blogs and read up to date information about health related issues. Since the holy month of Ramadan has begun, Maya also values its users’ wellbeing and is offering Ramadan Package which entails up to four video calls for anyone to a medical expert. The very promising thing about the package is that it’s not limited to the buyer and thus, let’s you and any of your family members avail these video call services. Along with that, Maya’s Ramadan package answers to your 30 premium questions, provides exclusive diet and nutrition tips and entails a ton of other exciting features.

Ramadan is a month full of blessings, but in order to gain good deeds you don’t need to forego good health. Confused about the do’s and don’ts? No need to worry. Your Ramadan routine should fall under two main headings- what to do during fasting, and what not to do. For the latter, read our blogs and understand the importance of healthy eating.

As for the first part, we recommend: pray, rest and be thankful. Don’t be a lazy couch potato but also don’t over exert yourself. Most importantly, squash some taboos around you. With governments around the world focusing on vaccine drives, certain sectors in our society have their own agendas. Spread the message that taking COVID-19 vaccine does not break your fast! Also spread the message that any sort of medical injections do NOT break your fast. It is as delusional a claim as associating breakage of fast with brushing of teeth.

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