Maya cares for the health and well-being of Pathao Riders - মায়া

Maya cares for the health and well-being of Pathao Riders

Now Pathao users can take advantage of the reliable health service of Maya through their new health tab.

“I am about 6 weeks pregnant and I have mild to moderate pain in my lower abdomen. Why is this happening and what should I do?” This is our user- Sara (alias) who was supported and guided by Maya experts throughout her first pregnancy. She asked 101 pregnancy-related questions and Maya experts answered her queries before she conceived. Now Sara is a mother to a beautiful baby girl and she continues to contact Maya for baby’s health and vaccination related questions. Sara is grateful for the support she has received from Maya experts.

This was the story of Sara. Like Sara, there are several other women in Bangladesh who look for medical knowledge when they are sick. In Bangladesh, there is an excessive lack of medical facilities and the presence of challenges which makes it difficult for patients to search for medical support in rural and urban areas. To solve these problems with a simple goal in mind, Maya was founded by Ivy Huq Russell as a platform that offers both men and women – a unique opportunity to seek information and foster discussions on a range of topics that were once considered too sensitive.

With the recent impact of COVID-19, Maya helps millions of people with a dynamic solution. Maya is one of the largest telehealth platforms in Bangladesh – providing all-in-one health solutions through its 150+ experts to 7.3 million users. The company’s aim and vision is to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to all. To make its features available to a broader audience, Maya and Pathao officially launched their collaborative services on 8th April, 2021 via a virtual event. This integration will not only serve the community but also provide authenticity to the services provided to the people of Bangladesh.

“In collaboration with our partner Maya, we hope to harness the power of technology and the reach of Pathao’s digital services platform, to enable access to quality health information and solutions for our user base.”

Fahim Ahmed, President of Pathao,

“Maya’s primary goal is to allow users to access health care solutions from the palm of their hands. With the help of this partnership with Pathao, this solution can be accessed by a wider range of users from different regions of Bangladesh. The partnership between Maya and Pathao opens new and innovative ways to accessing health care solutions.”

Tahsin Zaman, Product Manager – Consumer End of Maya.

Maya and Pathao have integrated the user experience on both sides, by introducing a health tab on Pathao application. Therefore, the users and employees of Pathao can now access Maya telehealth services at just the click of a finger. This presents an excellent opportunity for Pathao users and employees to take advantage of Maya’s reliable health services. Pathao is among the fastest-growing tech startups in Asia which has dedicated itself to creating solutions in order to minimize infrastructural problems. Now, with its recent addition of the ‘health’ tab, it has the ability to reach the masses where healthcare facilities are not available through telemedicine.

“We are always eager to provide health services to everyone’s doorstep who really needs it and we want to help more people. We want to help the people of Bangladesh by providing our expertise to Pathao Health”

Dr. Tangina, Medical Team lead of  Maya.

The team agrees to the importance of the addition of this feature as the Pandemic has made physical and mental health centers almost inaccessible. Telehealth services at one click, have made it much more convenient and accessible for everyone around the globe.

With Ivy Huq Russell’s (CEO & Founder of Maya) dedication and extraordinary vision, Maya aims to get a deeper understanding into the healthcare ecosystem in Bangladesh and beyond. This partnership with Pathao opens the opportunities to explore the healthcare space even further.

Both Maya and Pathao now look forward to materializing better strategies to generate a better future for the healthcare industry of Bangladesh.

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